African Kings, Queens & Warriors

The Only the Great Nation NFTs are a collection of popular iconic African Kings, Queens and Warriors.  Own a piece of history in a modern day expressed in digital form.

Only the Great Nation Overview

Popular culture often neglects African Royalty and we wanted to help change that narrative. After searching for quality images of African rulers, we ended up being disappointed at the limited
options available and the lack of information provided. This is where “Only the Great Nation” began. 

By creating these collectible goodies online of African history, there’s no way that the African greats can be forgotten. With this exposure, we hope to popularize these legendary figures by spearheading a digital renaissance for the rediscovery of African history. Only the Great Nation provides a resource that all history enthusiasts can engage and ultimately promote.

Dropping via Opensea December 16th, 2021

Our Story


Our first NFT drop are the Kings of Africa.  Understand who they are and their part in history.

King Piye:
Pious Empire Builder

King Piye was an ancient African king who ruled around 744BC. He is one of the most popular Kushite kings because he conquered Egypt founding the first Kushite empire. This was one of the most unique moments in human history because he forgave his enemies and started a cultural renewal in the Nile Valley that is often referred to as the “African Renaissance”. His pious nature drove him to accomplish great things leading to the founding of the 25th dynasty of Egypt.

Mansa Musa:
Wealthiest Sovereign Ever

Mansa Musa was the ruler of the West African Empire of Mali in 1312. He is most known for being the wealthiest ruler to ever exist in human history. With his wealth he advanced the city of Timbuktu converting it into an urban center from which it received legendary fame. He displayed his vast wealth upon taking his hajj to Mecca. He brought so much gold into Egypt that the value of the Egyptian dinar was lowered for several years. His legacy will always be attached to the legendary Timbuktu, his luxurious trip to Mecca and the expansion of the Mali Empire with the capture of Gao.

Changamire Dombo:
Pure Warrior King

Changamire Dombo was the ruler of the Rozwi Empire located mostly in modern-day Zimbabwe. Previously a wealthy herdsman, Changamire Dombo rose to prominence south of the Zambezi by creating a ferocious army called the Rozwi, also known as the destroyers. As the former Mwenemutapa empire was declining and the Portuguese began gaining more influence in the region Changamire Dombo quickly turned himself into a conquerer king. By the end of the 18th century Changamire Dombo and his army drove the Portuguese from their interior settlements. Driving out the Portuguese allowed the Rozwi empire to assume control of the lucrative southeast African gold trade. He will always be known as a great warrior king, one of the greatest in Africa.

Askia The Great:
The Great Administrator

Askia Muhammad I was the king of the Songhai Empire in 1493 which stretched across West Africa. Askia Muhammad seized the throne and founded a new dynasty called the Askia’s. He is often called the Great due to his skill in military organization, the establishment of an intellectual revolution and his systems of administration. He developed centers of education in African urban cities such as Gao, Timbuktu, and Djenne. During the reign of Askia the Great the Songhai Empire was at its height in both power and prosperity. His biggest accomplishment is not only creating a vast empire but effectively administrating it.

Shaka Zulu:
The Legend

The legendary Shaka Zulu was the king of the Zulu kingdom from 1816 to 1828. Shaka was perhaps the most influential warrior king in southern Africa due to his genius innovations. During his reign more than a hundred chiefdoms were brought together into the Zulu kingdom. Shaka was initiated into a fighting unit at a very young age and served as a warrior under a pre-Zulu kingdom. He single-handedly changed the nature of the military culture with his own “military revolution.” Eventhough he never directly fought against the British he created a Zulu force to be reckoned with even against Britain’s modern army.

Only the Great NFTs

The Only the Great NFTs consists of 5 Kings from African History.  Our plan is to honor these Kings and Queens from history and digitalise them in NFT form.  We are working alongside some of the most notable and influential African American history online platforms.

Dropping December, 2021

Kings, Queens & Warriors


There are powerful and clever African leaders who played significant roles in history and we are honoring them in digital NFT form.  Meet the Kings, Queens and Warriors we think you should know.  Purchase our NFTs and own our unique expression of history.

What else?

The Only the Great Nation NFT’s are just the start. There are different things planned for 2022.  Our aim is to use our NFTs to generate awareness of African History.  Join us in celebrating and own a piece of History.


Only the Great Nation is creating Merchandise to build awareness of African History. T-shirts, Hoodies, and much more. You will receive a percentage of the profits, if your NFT is used on any of the items.

Mobile Game

Only the Great Nation will release a new NFT mobile game app. You will receive a percentage of the profits, if your NFT is used in the game. Our plan is to utilize your NFTs too.



Only the Great Nation is a digital collection of 5,000 digital art NFT’s for the Ethereum Blockchain. Each one carefully selected based on the most Popular Kings and Queens of Africa.

Each King and Queen has been constructed algorithmically by mixing a variety of properties with different possibilities in the following categories:  Background, Clothing, Eyes, Eyewear, Mouth, Accessories and different backgrounds.

Each Only the Great Nation token ID is assigned to an artwork image from the initial sequence with this formula (token ID + starting index) % 5000 -> Initial Sequence Index.

We are looking forward to developing a new NFT mobile game app, in which you will have a unique opportunity & exclusive chance to be part of something new and exciting.  Our plan is to utilize many of the Kings and Queens on the gaming platform.

Please install the Metamask on your browser, then make sure you have transferred Eth to your wallet.  The final step is to connect your Metamask at the top of this page and click “Mint a King”.

Yes, each King or Queen is unique and there are no duplicates.  The Chief has made sure that each King or Queen is different by cross-referencing them using a special algorithm.

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